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My favorite styles at the moment are definitely blush/nude tones! They are so flattering and look good both day and night.

This lace body from missguided and this faux suede jacket, also missguided, are my favourite combination for everyday chic.

Topshop Joni jeans are always an absolute staple in my wardrobe, so there is no surprise that I wore them with this look. 

Let me know what you guys think of my little space buns, I love them but I have a funny feeling they are going to be a marmite trend in the following months.

Speak soon, Soph xxx

Bodysuit: Missguided
Jacket: Missguided
Jeans: Topshop
Bag; Chanel
Trainers: Primark (Similar Here)
Sunglasses: Depop

Photography: Ellie Williams

I always get so many questions on the topic of eyebrows!! So I've teamed up with Into The Gloss to give you a full, in-depth explanation of how I do my eyebrows. It is honestly so simple to keep your eyebrows in good shape. Either going to a salon or at home you can achieve perfect brows, however, it does require maintenance.

I like to keep my eyebrows maintained at home, with the occasional salon trip if I'm feeling like I want to really treat myself. For my at home waxing I love the Veet wax strips for the face. Quite frankly, they are a little bit fiddly, but if you get the hang of it you can achieve the perfect brow in five seconds flat. 

Another key tip is the tools you use. Invest in a good pair of tweezers to get even them pesky hairs. Tweezerman tweezers are always a good option, really good quality tweezers really do make a difference in having the perfect brow.
I also like to comb my brows up before using any product, just to make them easier to work with. Any spoolie will be absolutely fine to do this step.


Now for the fun part, the makeup! Firstly, I like to use Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in Taupe to carve out my brows. As you can see by the picture, I like to draw a straight like underneath my brow to create that sharp edge and also the same to the top of my brow. With the top of the brow, make sure you're drawing your line not too far in to create more of a natural gradiant effect. 


Next I like to fill in my brows using Benefit Brow Zings. For my everyday brow routine I tend to opt more for a powder for a more natural look. However for a more dramatic, evening look I also love using a pomade or gel for my brows. Another favourite product is Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow for a more evening appropraite look. 
For an everyday look I like to use an angled brush to create hair-like strokes to creating a natural looking brow. Using a light hand is very important here, as it is so easy for it to look heavy and bulky. Remember its always easier to build than take away. Although, if you feel like you have gone a bit heavy handed in areas, just grab your eyebrow brush and blend out the colour.


My final step is to set it all in place. Lately I have been loving the Benefit Gimme Brow to really make my brows look thicker and more defined. I talk a bit more about this product in my most recent favourites video on my YouTube channel. This product is perfect for giving you that natural, full eyebrow but also amazing for setting your brows in place and making sure they don't move throughout the day.

And voila! The finished result. This is my super easy, super quick everyday eyebrow routine. To check out more amazing posts on how to create the perfect brow make sure to check out Into The Gloss  - my personal favourite post is Anna Speckhart's How To Fill In Your Brows

Also if you want to see how I created this eye makeup look make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel!

Speak soon, love Soph xxx


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