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Quick OOTD!
Autumn is here so time to crack out the berry colours!!!
I absolutely love autumn and my favourite lipstick at the moment is my Calvin Klein lipstick in Naughty, similar colour to Mac's Rebel but this one has a lovely glossy finish (perfect for autumn).

I love checked shirts in the winter as they look cosy and autumnal which I love and this one is from H&M 

I wore usual leggings as they are easy to style and go with everything, again from H&M

I love my new shoes, and are from Next aswell which I never normally shop in, but they had some really nice autumn pieces in there!! I also wore my fur scarf-thing which really pulled the look together (love fur for the autumn/winter)

Sophie xxx 

So it was my 18th birthday on the 23rd and it was absolutely amazing! 
I had such a lovely time with family and friends and was absolutely spoilt rotten!

Had such a lovely day that I thought that id share some photos with you from Monday!

I'm going out on Saturday to celebrate so hopefully get an OOTN up for you when that happens :)

Sophie xxx

I've needed my brows done in a while, and as it is my birthday tomorrow, I thought I would invest in having HD brows done. I absolutely love them!!

They start off by tinting your eyebrows to the desired colour then pluck, wax and thread them into shape. My eyebrows have never looked so perfect and well-groomed in their whole life!

At the price of £30, it is quite an expensive thing to have done, but for me it was completely worth it. I also spent the extra on the brow kit which was £19.99 (I think) but again all the colours are right and make my brows look fab.

Overall very pleased and recommend them to anyone:)

Sorry for the lack of posts, been so busy lately! 
Love you all and thanks for sticking with me,
Sophie xxx

Sorry it's been a while guys, but I thought id post a quick OOTN/quick update post!

So it was one of my best friends 18th birthday yesturday and we all went for drinks in the night! I had such a lovely time! But before all this I had a major fashion dilemma!!!! 

I was going to my friends house to get ready and I was all prepared (packed everything the night before etc) and I was fine to go. Having wore this Topshop playsuit before I knew it fit so I didn't think anything would go wrong. Boy was I wrong!! 

I wanted to put my outfit on last so I got my hair and makeup ready, the drinks were flowing and I was having an overall lovely evening. This was until I put my playsuit on. 

I put it on and it was all fine then 40 minutes before I was leaving, my zip completely broke! With no other outfit or any other clothes I was in a right pickle! So, my brilliant friends all pulled together and helped me out. 

Their bright idea was to sew me in. So that's what we did haha!! So they got a needle and thread and sewed me into my outfit, so that I couldn't move/go to the toilet all night and then in the evening cut myself out of it haha!

So that's my fashion dilemma guys, do you have any similar stories?

Shoes were from H&M, Belt was from missguided and clutch was from Primark.

Sophie xxx

Hi guys! Sorry I haven't made a post in a while. As you know from my last post I was unwell for a long while with a cold and I still slightly have it but am feeling loads better! I have also been back to school in that time which means I will have a lot less time to blog, however I will try my best!!

I thought I would post a quick NOTD. As I am back in school I thought I would wear a simple nude on my nails. This colour is perfect nude for me as it looks nice with my skin tone.

These are the nails I bought off eBay and they were so worth the money!Just apply with glue and they give this professional nail effect. I have so many compliments from these for the price of £3 odd. Totally worth it!!!

Sophie xxx

Sorry I haven't been posting for a while guys, but I've been poorly:( 
I try and get posts up every day or if not, every other day, but because I've been unwell I haven't really been out anywhere to dress up or put makeup on!
Stupid cold!
Thanks for the comments, ill try and reply asap! I do read them and appreciate you all reading my blog!
Hope you're all doing ok, and ill see you soon!
Sophie xxxxx


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