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have been wearing clip in extensions for a while now, so I decided to bite the bullet and get bonded extensions.
Being a indecisive person I was very wary about getting them, and was so nervous about going to the consultation.
I know for some this isn't a big decision but for me this was a big step!
So I went along to the consultation with an open mind and I was put so at ease as soon as I stepped in.

The lady who put them in, Steph, was so reassuring and gave me a lot of options for my hair type and how I wanted them to look.
Steph showed me a few different hair extension types, and in the end I opted for Hair Rehab London hair with EasyLocks bonds to keep them in place. I also opted for a non glue method in order to preserve my hair a little more.
I booked the appointment that day to have them put in the week later.

So I went along a week later to have them done. 
This is how they looked when she was applying them.
The process flew by, I was expecting to be there for hours but it was so quick.
Steph told me I have around 130 strands of hair in, and took her 2 hours to apply.

Personally I was more worried about how they would look straight, because that's where you can sometimes see if they look fake.
Steph being a hairdresser was fab and cut my natural hair into the extensions and made them look so natural!

They also looked beautiful curled! I am so happy with they final result, but will keep you all updated in how I manage them and how they look in time.

If you are in Wales especially in the Bridgend area, I highly recommend Steph. Follow her on Facebook, her name is 'Steph Williams Hair Extensions'.

If I have missed anything or any of you have any questions feel free to comment below!

Sophie xxx


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