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I didn't really know what to expect when I got this Body Shop smokey eye palette. I have never really tried any Body Shop makeup before. 
This palette was only £10 so I thought as it was a bargain I would pick it up.

For starters I really like the packaging! It is really sleek and compact, so it would be easy for travelling. I also really like the fact it has a big mirror so it is again easy for travelling.

The colours in the palette are also really beautiful. They are really natural colours so you could wear the day time or add a bit more of the darker colours for a more dramatic effect.
I also really like the fact that this palette comes with good size brushes. Normally in cheaper palettes I don't use the brushes and chuck them away because they are normally harsh or break straight away. But these brushes are really good quality! 

The actual eye shadows in this palette are really well pigmented. The colour pay off is really good considering the price. Obviously not in comparison to some of the more upmarket eyeshadows, but for what is £2.50 per eyeshadow they are defiantly worth the money.

I also really like the fact that they have a diagram on the back of the packaging. If you are new to makeup and wanted to try out a smokey eye, this product would be perfect for you. And of course that fact that Body Shop don't test on animals.

After trying out the product, the only criticism I have is that there is quite a lot of fallout product when applying, but I think that is only a minor issue when you actually think of the price and the pigment quality.

I actually tried this eyeshadow for an everyday look and swept the lightest colour all over the lid and put the dark brown on the outer corners and abut through my crease. 

Overall I am really happy with this product and will defiantly be trying out more Body Shop makeup.

Do you have any recommendations of what makeup I should try next?

Hope you are all safe and well, 
Sophie xxx

Hey guys!
I went out with a friend last weekend and thought I would show you a OOTN.
I absolutely loved this outfit and thought it was so chic and classy.
The black and gold theme is right up my street and I basically wear it everyday.

The jumpsuit I was wearing was from Zara, it is so lovely and fits really nicely. I never think of going into Zara normally as I always had the assumption that their clothes were only for 'skinny Minnie's'. I was so wrong because as soon as I went in there I found loads of stuff that was really flattering, including this jumpsuit!

I kept this look simple and just wore a few gold accessories. This was my Fossil rose gold watch (which I wear everyday), a simple gold necklace from Topshop, (which I am loving) and some black open-toe stilettos with a gold heel from Fashion Union (which again I absolutely love!! But 100% do not recommend the website, which is another story...)

Also a little mention, I am obsessed with my hair extensions at the moment. I recently splurged on some Bellami hair extensions. They have literally changed my life. (A little but over-dramatic, but I love them so much)! My hair has never looked so healthy, thick and long. They are a bit on the pricey side, but as I wear my extensions on a regular bases, for me, they are worth it. If anyone is unsure whether to get these and has had their eye on them for a while, I definately recommend them! 

Recently, I have also purchased a Mac pigment in Vanilla, which is so pretty, but I will hopefully be getting a makeup post using that soon! 

Hope everyone is safe and well, 
Sophie xxx
(Ps sorry for all the pouty selfies, didn't realise how many there were, sorry xxx)

Well happy 2014 everyone!

I have been such a busy bee the past few weeks and have so much to tell you about!
I thought my first post of 2014 would be a quick Instagram update to show briefly my life over the last few weeks.

These are just a few pictures of me and my friends and family that have been posted on Instagram over the holidays.
(My Instagram is : @sophgriff23 if you were interested)
I have a few new posts to be put up soon, so keep your eye out for them. 

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a fabulous New Year.
Lots of love,
Sophie xxx


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