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I love self tanning. It makes me feel so healthy and glowing. When I'm lacking in self confidence, self tanning helps me perk up! So here's a few of my faves that give me that healthy glow.

This one is a newbie to my collection but it's a goodie. I love a darker tanning mousse for a night out, and this one is wonderful at making me as dark as possible without looking orange or noticeably tanned. Bondi Sands is lovely for a night out to make you look extra sexy.

Cocoa Brown is one of my natural tans. It's a light weight mousse that looks like you have hardly anything on, but in a good way. It's brilliant for an everyday tan that won't look too much but still give you that sunkissed look.

This mousse is for my ladies on a budget. I've been using this tan for years and I'm pretty sure the majority of the U.K have been aswell. I personally like St Moriz in medium as I find the dark too dark on my skin tone and can sometimes give me an orange tinge, but for the price of £3.99 you really can't go wrong with this. 

If mousses are not for you, I love Fake Bake for liquid tanning. I love that it comes in a spray bottle for minimum mess. This is probably the best liquid tan I've used for a natural sunkissed look with zero oranginess.

Palmers gradual tanning cocoa butter is probably my favourite tanner to date. I love this stuff, and I use it daily. For the ultimate natural everyday tan, this tan is a must. It is so moisturising and smells of chocolate which is a major plus as I don't smell of fake tan. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Last but not least, a (grubby) tanning mitt. I've tried loads from drugstore to high end, and my ultimate favourite has got to be Primark own brand. Honestly for the price it applies the tan so evenly with absolutely no residue left on your palms. I always stock up on these when  I'm in Primark. A must have.

Let me know your favourite tans in the comments, I love trying new ones.

Love, Soph xxx

Eeeeek I know this is so late, but with end of year exams I just haven't had time for anything!! Oh well, as they say, better late than never. So let's jump straight into my May favourites.

So I tried this foundation a while ago and really didn't like it. I think maybe I had the wrong colour or I also think they might have changed the formula. But a little while ago I was in such a flap as I didn't have the correct shade for a client, I picked up L'Oreal True Match up again as I had heard so many good reviews on it I thought I'd give it another go. I haven't stopped wearing it all month.... 
It has such a gorgeous finish to it, I honestly feel airbrushed daily. I have recently got a job on a makeup counter and with the bright lights you can normally see ever lump and bump, but not with this! I have used it in line with a few other bits I am going to mention so with a good primer and moisturiser underneath, the coverage and finish is flawless! And at such a good price!

When I heard Benefit Gimme Brow, I didn't think it was going to be for me. I prefer a stronger brow as i am lacking in the brow department, so I thought this would do nothing for me. Turns out it is perfect for a natural brow as the pigment not only adheres to hair but also to skin, which means I can create my own brow. However, for me personally, I do like a more defined brow so I use this alongside my Anastasia Dipbrow. But if you just want to fill in the sparse hairs on your brow, this is the product for you!

I'm not really going to lie with this, I bought this purely because Kylie Jenner said she used this... 
And I have no regrets! I love this Kiehl's Ultra Facial Moisturiser! For me, as I've mentioned, it is so had for me to find a good moisturiser for my dry skin, but this one is really good and I've been using it daily in my makeup routine. It is so lightweight and sinks into the skin perfectly - which is brilliant under makeup as it doesn't make the base slip and slide. Highly recommend, thanks Kylie!

Again, I had heard so many good things about L'Oreal Lumi Magique Primer I thought I would pick it up. I had recently run out of my MAC Strobe Cream so was looking for a replacement, and honestly I think I actually prefer it. It is so light on the skin and really makes your foundation look luminous as it describes. I've been actually mixing this into my foundation and I'm loving my base makeup lately because of it!

Finally a bit of a fashion favourite. A good old gold hoop. I've been all over these lately especially on a night out. I think it just really glams up an outfit without it being too OTT. All in all, just loving a good hoop.

Let me know your monthly faves down below!
Love, Soph xxx


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