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Hi girlies!
I have been asked to do this tutorial! Sorry it's taken me so long to upload, but  I've had a lot of personal hiccups this week and haven't really been anywhere to actually put makeup on.
However, I did go out and decided to get this up for you! 
Let's jump into it.

Start off by applying your normal foundation and eyebrow routine. The foundation I use is from Amorio cosmetics in the colour 'neutral glow'.

With my eyebrows I used an angled brush and Mac's eyeshadow in the colour 'omega'. (If you would like a more in depth tutorial on my brow/foundation routine, please comment).

I then went on to apply Mac's pigment in 'vanilla' all over my eyelid. With this product I find that it works best when dipping it into Mac's fix+ or for a cheaper alternative eye drops. I applied this with an ELF eyeshadow brush.

I have recently invested in an Urban Decay Naked pallette and I opted for the Naked 2 and I love the gold-tone colours in this pallette.
From this pallette I grabbed 'half-baked' and applied this to the outer half of my eyelid.

I then grabbed 'snakebite' from this pallette and blended this into the outer corner/crease of my eye. Then blend it all out with a fluffy brush!!

I've just bought this L'oreal superliner in brown, as I loved the black one so much. I decided on brown so that it blended a bit better with the gold-tone eyeshadow.

Then apply loads of mascara!!! Wear falsies if you prefer!

Now for my favourite part! Contour and highlighting!! I use Mac's prep and prime in the colour 'light boost' and applied this under my eyes/cheekbones, down the bridge of my nose, on my chin and on my forehead. I then went onto use a Bobbi Brown foundation stick in the colour 'honey', in the hollows of my cheeks, on my temples and the sides of my chin. 


Then powder! I use (a very tatty) stay matte powder by Revlon in 'translucent'.

To deepen my contour I used this Clarins bronzer. All the writing has come off so I don't know the colour or actual name :( 

For blush I used this Revlon blush in 'blushing berry'.

Now for the lips. I wanted to go for a vampy red lip. So I started off by applying Mac's lipliner in 'vino'.

I went over the top of this with Mac's matte lipstick in 'viva glam 1'. I think this was a Nicki Minaj's collection which I also think was limited addition:( sorry guys! But I know Rimmel's Kate Moss collection has a similar colour.

ET VOLIA! The finished result!! (I did apply a brown eyeliner in my waterline, which I forgot to add in pictures).

Hope you all enjoy and I will hopefully get the Kylie Jenner inspired makeup up for you ASAP! 
Lots of love,
Soph xxx

Hola girlies,
Just thought id write this post because I am LOVING pastel nails at the moment!
This is such a pretty pastel blue colour from the L'oreal pastel nail colour collection (don't know the real name of the collection) but I am obsessed with all of them!! 
The name of this one is 'nouvelle vague', topped with Seche Vite topcoat, it lasts ages.
This colour looks so amazing with a tan, so I am so excited to wear them over summer and know they will be a staple in my nail polish collection.
I am also loving, as per usual, Essie's Fiji. I JUST LOVE PASTELS.
(I will be getting my Kylie Jenner inspired makup look up soon, because of exam season I've had a million and one things I've been doing, sorry guys).
Sophie xxx

As I'm already putting up a tutorial this week (hopefully) of my last post, I was going to kill two birds with one stone. However, I don't know what second tutorial to do! I was feeling this Kylie Jenner inspired tutorial, what do you guys think?
I was also wondering if I should do one of them in a video, again what do you guys think about that?
Regardless, this week, there will be a makeup tutorial on this blog, and it will probably be my previous post of smokey eyes and red lips.
Let me know what you think about the Kylie Jenner inspired makeup, and I can get it up for you! 
Soph *kissy face emoji* xxx

Hey girlies!
Just a quick post, and your probably wondering why I'm doing a post which isn't really important, but...
I'm off to a wedding party tonight and did this makeup look on myself. I've had a lot of people complimenting me on it, so I thought I would ask you guys if you wanted to see a tutorial on how to do it.
It's quite easy, so you might want to see a tutorial but I think it's a classic look, especially the red lip!
Let me know girls,
Sophie xxx 

Hi guys!

I said in my last blog post that my best friend and I were going to Disneyland for 5 days, and for one of them days we decided to take a trip into Paris.

It was such a beautiful day that I decided that I would both vlog and take pictures for this blog.
You can see what we got up to, as I will leave the link to the vlog below, but it was such a nice day!
We managed to get so much done in the amount of time we were there, and as it was my first time going to Paris, I learned so much through sightseeing.
In the vlog I might sound really stupid as I didnt know the names of what were probably really famous things to see haha. However, I really enjoyed my day and loved the city of Paris.

I will also be putting up a Disney vlog/blog post, aswell as the Paris posts.
See you guys soon :)
Sophie xxx

ps, if you do watch the vlog bare in mind I am new and it probably isn't the best vlog in the world!
Also if you have any ideas of future blog posts/vlogs you would like to see please leave a comment.

It has been lovely weather the last few weeks in Wales, and I am going to Paris so my mother and I went shopping for last minute holiday goodies to Cardiff. 

We went to crepeaffaire and I was pleasantly surprised of how good a savoury crepe was! I then came home to a lovely tapas-esk dinner.

I have also decided that I am going to vlog bits of my Paris/Disneyland trip! I will leave the links below when they are up and live. 

Hope you're all well lovelies!
Soph xxx

Hi dolls!
My bestfriend bought me tickets for the musical Wicked! And it was amazing!! Honestly, if there are people thinking of going I definatly recommend it.
We started off with drinks in a little bar down Cardiff Bay called Salt. It was so lovely and the cocktails were so nice.
For my outfit, I wore a topshop midi dress and a missguided fluffy white jumper. I wrapped up nice and warm because as you can see by the picture it was pretty windy!
Other news! I've decided I am going to vlog my trip to paris!! I am super excited to start video bits and bobs from my life and if you like them hopefully make them a more frequent thing!
Soph xx

A little Instagram update/general update!
So I haven't really been getting up to a lot these last few weeks, so it's been hard to do blog posts! However, I ordered a tripod and it came in the post today, which for me is small steps into blogging regularly and taking good photos for you all.
I am going to Disney Land, Paris at the end of April and am really considering vlogging it for my non-existent YouTube channel. Let me know if you'd want to watch something like that!
Apart from that, I haven't got much to catch you up on...
Pretty boring really.
My Instagram is @sophgriff23 if you're interested,
Love Sophie xxx

For my bestfriend's birthday in October I bought her tickets to see a show. But in the process we thought we would treat ourselves.

We went to Cardiff, as that's where the show was, and we went for cocktails before the show began. We started off in Peppermint, which in Cardiff is a little bar that does cocktails. Whilst we were there we had nachos which were amazing. If any of you are ever in Cardiff, definatly check it out in there, it is so relaxed and has such a cool vibe. Then we moved to TGI Fridays, which if any of you know, do some of the best cocktails! My cocktail was called summer peach and it had peach sorbet in, it was so nice! 

When we arrived at the concert, I didn't realise how good our seats were! We were literally a few rows from the front. I didn't know many of the songs as it was a Fleetwood Mac tribute thing, but my bestfriend loves them. Even though I didn't know many songs, the concert was still really good and I had a really good time.

Overall, I had a really nice night out with my bestfriend!

Hope you enjoy posts like this,
Love Soph xxx

Hey beauties!
I went to Cardiff on a night out the other week and forgot to post my OOTN!
I bought this lovely dogtooth/ish pattern playsuit from boohoo. Considering the price of £20 I was surprised that it fitted so nice.
In the past I have bought things from boohoo and not been thrilled with the quality, but buying this has chanced my mind, it fitted in all the right places for me and the fabric was really flattering.
I also bought the belt from boohoo and again I really love it. As everyone knows I love black and gold so this belt was perfect. 
I paired this outfit with some H&M wedges, which are the comfiest things ever!! And a primark clutch which was a bargain of £3!!! 
My hair was also my Bellami hair extensions, by far the best hair extensions I have ever bought! (Highly recommend).

Hope everyone is safe and well!
Sophie xxx


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