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For my bestfriend's birthday in October I bought her tickets to see a show. But in the process we thought we would treat ourselves.

We went to Cardiff, as that's where the show was, and we went for cocktails before the show began. We started off in Peppermint, which in Cardiff is a little bar that does cocktails. Whilst we were there we had nachos which were amazing. If any of you are ever in Cardiff, definatly check it out in there, it is so relaxed and has such a cool vibe. Then we moved to TGI Fridays, which if any of you know, do some of the best cocktails! My cocktail was called summer peach and it had peach sorbet in, it was so nice! 

When we arrived at the concert, I didn't realise how good our seats were! We were literally a few rows from the front. I didn't know many of the songs as it was a Fleetwood Mac tribute thing, but my bestfriend loves them. Even though I didn't know many songs, the concert was still really good and I had a really good time.

Overall, I had a really nice night out with my bestfriend!

Hope you enjoy posts like this,
Love Soph xxx

Hey beauties!
I went to Cardiff on a night out the other week and forgot to post my OOTN!
I bought this lovely dogtooth/ish pattern playsuit from boohoo. Considering the price of £20 I was surprised that it fitted so nice.
In the past I have bought things from boohoo and not been thrilled with the quality, but buying this has chanced my mind, it fitted in all the right places for me and the fabric was really flattering.
I also bought the belt from boohoo and again I really love it. As everyone knows I love black and gold so this belt was perfect. 
I paired this outfit with some H&M wedges, which are the comfiest things ever!! And a primark clutch which was a bargain of £3!!! 
My hair was also my Bellami hair extensions, by far the best hair extensions I have ever bought! (Highly recommend).

Hope everyone is safe and well!
Sophie xxx

I feel like I haven't really been in the 'zone' when it comes to blogging this year!
I made it a New Years resolution that I was going to try harder, but life just seems to be getting in the way.
But seeing as the rain is pouring down and I have contracted an unknown rash, I can't really leave the house. This is in my eyes that is something/someone telling me to blog (even though I should be doing school work, oops).
I haven't really got much to tell you, my life recently has been pretty average...
However, I have a lot of things planned in the next few weeks and hopefully you will be seeing that on this blog very soon.
So I thought I would quickly show you what I've been doing with my day considering I can't really leave the house.
For starters, I should be doing school work but I feel like I can quite safely say, that is over. Really what I have been doing is cwtching up (welsh term for cuddling up) on my bed reading Cosmo, with some candles burning, bliss...
Hopefully the weather will be getting better so I can do some more OOTD's. Recently I have been either working or in school so I dont have much spare time to go out, which means I don't really wear any other clothes than uniform, which sucks!! I have, however, been online shopping so hopefully a haul will be up asap!
Anyway, I should probably stop procrastinating and get on with my school work!
Adios Amigos,
Sophie xxx


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