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Just thought I would fill you in with what I've been doing lately!

Basically I have been working with an amazing makeup artist names Jess Carmell. She has recently started her own makeup brand called Amorio cosmetics. I absolutely love the products and thought I could share them with you as they are amazing quality and such a reasonable price. (You can read all about her on her website She honestly has no idea I am writing this post, but her products are amazing and since this is a beauty channel I thought I would tell you a little a bit about her.

Anyway, I have been doing some work with her because we are working with another website named Women-Scorned, which helps women who have been cheated on/had a divorce get the help and support they need. (Again, they have not asked me to write this, I just thought I would mention what I have been doing for them). Their website is if you are interested.

Enough rambling, back to my main point!! I have been doing a lot of work with Women-Scorned and Jess Carmell in doing makeup tutorials for women who want to get back out on the dating scene. So I thought I would share this with you as the makeup tutorials are really good and worth watching.

Jess did my makeup in the picture above but as you can see it was taken a while ago, before I had my eyebrows done (embarrassing!). She did such a nice job of my makeup that we filmed it! It hasn't been uploaded yet so if you are interested in the look, stay tuned.

Anyway, just a little update into what I have been up to! Hope I didn't ramble on too much, just wanted you all to understand what  I have been doing.

LITTLE NOTE : I am not the best model for the video, I was just helping her out! haha.
Also if you want to see a brow tutorial just let me know, BUT my eyebrows were not the best canvas for the video, haha!!

Sophie xxx

For the YouTube version click

Since I dyed my hair a lilac colour, I have been loving a purple smokey eye for the Autumn/Winter.

You could have probably guess that I am a huge fan of the berry trend this year and cannot leave the house without a purple or red lip. 

For this look I didn't want both a heavy eye with a heavy lip, as it is for an everyday look. This is why I just dabbed on a bit of Revlon lipstick in Viva la Violet onto my lips for a bit of colour. ( I realise my looks look a bit dry but I did apply some lip balm after this photo was taken).

In this look I did my normal makeup routine but added a plum coloured blush to make the whole look match. 

I recently purchased this palette from ELF, and I absolutely love it. It is such good value for money at £15 for 100 colours!! It has a varied amount of matte shadows and shimmers and the pigment of them are really good. The only issue I have found is the fall-out of the eyeshadows is quite a lot, but I just go over my under eyes with concealer and powder and it isn't an issue.

The colours of the palette don't have names, so I have swatched them to reflect the colours.

To start off I used the matte white eyeshadow in the palette across the whole lid as a base. The white is really pigmented in this palette and creates a good base for other eyeshadows.

To create the purple eyelid, I used this shimmery plum coloured eyeshadow onto the outer corners of my eye and worked it into the crease and into the middle of the eye with the ELF blending brush. 

To intensify the eye, I used this shimmery purple colour onto the outer corners of the eye to create a purple smokey eye effect.

To define the crease even futher and to make the eye more smokey and defined I used the matte brown eyeshadow in the palette and blended that really well into the crease. 

And that is literally it! It is so quick and easy and I have been wearing it everyday.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post and has given you some ideas of how to bring some autumnal colours into your everyday makeup!

Sophie xxx

1. My name is Sophie-Louise Jeanette Griffiths. My family all call me 'Soph' or my nicknames 'lou-lou bums'

2. I'm deathly scared of cotton wool. Even of the thought of it makes me cry!!
3. My boyfriend and I have been together for 4 years next week.
4. I want to study criminology in uni
5. I still sleep with a teddy (his name is Arnold).
6. I dont really have any hobbies as such, but wish I had stuck to something. The only thing growing up I stuck at was Judo but gave that up after a few years. 
7. I am easily annoyed, but also easily amused! 
8. I have bluey-green eyes and blonde hair.
9. I would love to be in the police force some day.
10. I want to take a gap year after uni and travel America.
11. I have 3 brothers and I am the only girl. 
12. My birthday is September 23rd. Which means I am a Virgo and one of the oldest in the school year.
13. I prefer savoury to sweet.
14. Crisps are my weakness.
15. I have 2 dogs (Bailey and Cream, cheesy I know)
16. Grease and Dirty Dancing are my favourite old films.
17. I wish I had a Geordie accent! The Welsh accent is so boring.
18. I find it hard writing 50 facts about me.
19. I try and have a 'who cares' sort of attitude when it comes to peoples opinions on me.
20. I would love to start up a YouTube channel but dont think I have the time to commit to it at the moment. 
21. I want twins when I am older. I love the name Phoebe (for a girl)!
22. I have the best friends ever.
23. My blog is a secret.
24. My favourite smell is Mango. Body Shop body butter in mango is HEAVEN!
25. Candy Crush is taking over my life.
26. I love working and have worked since I was 16. Earning your own money is so rewarding!
27. At sixth form I study English Lit, Sociology and Ethics & Philosophy.
28. I love meat. Steak is the best. It also helps that my dad is a butcher.
29. My mum is my best friend.
30. I appreciate everyone who reads my blog and if you have got this far into reading my 50 facts, THANKYOU xxx
31. I'm from South Wales.
32. I do stupid things when I've had a few to drink (I am a lightweight). I DO NOT condone drinking irresponsibly. Seen too many bad things happen due to alcohol. 
33. I always wanted a lamb as a pet growing up and still think they are the cutest animal EVER, hence my dog is white and fluffy (I chose him haha). 
34. I am centemental and collect really random tokens from events.
35. I love soaps and programmes about murderers (weird, i know)
36. I am a fast texter. 
37. My first celebrity crush's were Zac Efron and Orlando Bloom. Still hold a torch for them.
38. I don't like the taste of coffee but wish I did.
39. Not really scared of any animals and wanted to be a vet for the majority of my childhood.
40. I kept a diary for a short period of my childhood and cringe reading it back.
41. Pink is my favourite colour.
42. I am 100% a girly-girl.
43. My first pet was a hampster called Bubbles and I was devastated when she died.
44. I have never broken a bone. (touch wood)
45. Ive watched every friends episode at least 3 times over. (I guess most have)
46. Mac is my favourite brand of makeup.
47. I love wearing black and white. Which you can probably tell.
48. Christmas is my favourite time of year.
49. I have so many women crush's. Beyonce is definately one of them and also Cara Delevigne.
50. Cucumber is the food I hate most in the whole world.

I know I have mentioned a few of these facts in my 'first time' tag but I wanted you to get to know me better. I hope this wasn't too boring. (Its harder than it looks writing 50 random facts about yourself!!)

Anyway, thanks so much for reading and I appreciate you all.
Sophie xxx

This is such a simple outfit but I think it looks really classy!
I wore this blouse from H&M and I really love he detailing on the collar and sleeve (as seen below). I love the feel of this blouse! It is so floaty and comfy! So easy to style. I paired the blouse with a pair of Newlook blue jeans.

As for jewellery I wore my Fossil rose gold watch, my Tiffany and Pandora silver bracelets.

I have also dyed my hair since my last post. I have dyed it a lilac/grey colour and I really love it. It is something a bit different because I was so bored of my hair before. 

As I was going out, I threw on this Warehouse cape to keep my warm. I also really love this cape as it keeps me warm and is so easy to pair with anything.

Sophie xxx


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