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Let's start with my first impressions. I honestly thought, 'why on earth am I putting men's aftershave balm on my face before makeup?!'. I thought the concept was crazy! But hey I've heard so many good things about this product I may aswell give it a shot. When first applying it, it felt so strange rubbing a gel like substance on my face, especially as it smelled of something a man would use (obviously). As I have sensitive skin I was wary, but as the product stated sensitive on the package I thought it would be fine.

The pros of this product. I honestly love it. There I said it. I love it. I have seen such a difference in the way my makeup lasts and also love the way it makes my makeup apply. I used to have issues wth bronzer lasting all day on my cheeks as it would always look patchy by the end of the day - this product makes it last all day and even all night! It's soothing on the skin and I have as no problems with my sensitive skin which is a massive bonus! I think I picked this up at Savers (which I only THINK is a UK store) for £3.99 which is an absolute bargain in comparison to many other primers on the market! This bottle is actually empty and I've really missed it from my makeup routine so I'll be out purchasing another one as soon as possible.

The cons of this product. I hate when I can't think of a con for a product, but I really can't. The only thing I would say is the packaging. You only need the tiniest bit of product to cover the whole face and the packaging makes it hard to only dispense a little bit. A pump would be perfect for this packaging, so that no product is wasted. Other than that this is a fab product and I highly recommend!

Love Soph xxx

For me, there is no specific time of year for moisture! Moisturiser by far is my must have beauty/skin care product. With having sensitive skin plus eczema, finding a good nourishing moisturiser is hard but I've managed to pinpoint some favourites to show you!

Firstly, let's just start off with my holy grail moisture product - Aveeno Lotion! I've already done a post including this so for my full opinion make sure to check out my 'Skin Care Routine: Eczema Edition'.

Aveeno Lotion - £12.69

The Body Shop is honestly one of my favourite brands when it comes to body butter and moisturisers. They all smell delicious and work absolute wonders for dry skin. This body butter soaks into the skin so well and leaves your skin feeling so smooth and smelling incredible! Personally, the mango scent is the best - it smells like yogurt and I have to tell myself not to eat it on a daily basis. 

When I feel like I want to be a bit more sophisticated, I steer towards No7. My Nan used this on herself when I was growing up, so No7 holds a place in my heart. This intensive moisturiser is so luxurious, that it makes you feel so relaxed after using it. It contains shea butter which is amazing at really nourishing the skin and leaving it feeling like a baby's bottom.

Last but certainly not least - hands and feet! In my opinion, hands and feet are always the things to get neglected when in fact they do the most work. Soap and Glory are such a lovely brand and I love all their products, especially Hand Food and Heel Genius. Hand Food is so compact that I can just chuck it in my bag and touch up through the day. I use Heel Genius right before bed, after slathering it on with some cotton socks on top, it really does wonders for my little toes.

Here are my favourites, what are yours?
Love Soph xx

Let's start with my first impressions. Kiko for me is a new brand in which I don't have any previous knowledge off, so when I saw that it had opened around the UK I was beyond excited! Probably the most heard about product I had heard of was the Kiko pigment in 208 but being used as a highlighter. Firstly I can 100% see from a first look why people love this as a highlight, it's such a gorgeous colour especially if you want that JLo glow at a low cost!

The pros of this product. Honestly, the pigment of this pigment is amazing! From one swatch, the colour payoff is really amazing and I can completely see why people use this for a more intense highlight. Personally for my skin tone, I think this pigment looks much prettier as an eye shadow colour and looks amazing when wet as a more opaque lid colour. Probably the biggest pro of this product, however, has got to be the price point at a mere £8.90!! What an absolute bargain!!

The cons of this palette.  The biggest con I have found with this product is that quite frankly, it doesn't suit my skin tone as a highlight colour. For me personally, my favourite highlighter to this day is the Mary-Lou Manizer by The Balm as it looks so beautiful on us fair ladies and gents! This pigment to me is just too bronze and is quite prominent on my skin. However, it does look beautiful as a lid colour. A small, but real con also is the shape of the product. The lumps and bumps in the pigment makes it hard to get an even amount of product on the brush and for me just creates unnecessary problems when applying my makeup.

My final thoughts are that this is a lovely product for the price, but for us fair ladies and gents is not the best highlighter. However, for you bronzed god's and goddesses this would look beautiful as a highlight! But don't panic if you are fair as this product really does make for a beautiful eyeshadow as the colour is truly lovely on the lid. 
If you want to see what this looks like on the skin, make sure to keep up to date with my Instagram - @bleachedbeautyy.
Kiko Milano - Eyeshadow 208
Love, Soph xx


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