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Hi dolls!
My bestfriend bought me tickets for the musical Wicked! And it was amazing!! Honestly, if there are people thinking of going I definatly recommend it.
We started off with drinks in a little bar down Cardiff Bay called Salt. It was so lovely and the cocktails were so nice.
For my outfit, I wore a topshop midi dress and a missguided fluffy white jumper. I wrapped up nice and warm because as you can see by the picture it was pretty windy!
Other news! I've decided I am going to vlog my trip to paris!! I am super excited to start video bits and bobs from my life and if you like them hopefully make them a more frequent thing!
Soph xx

A little Instagram update/general update!
So I haven't really been getting up to a lot these last few weeks, so it's been hard to do blog posts! However, I ordered a tripod and it came in the post today, which for me is small steps into blogging regularly and taking good photos for you all.
I am going to Disney Land, Paris at the end of April and am really considering vlogging it for my non-existent YouTube channel. Let me know if you'd want to watch something like that!
Apart from that, I haven't got much to catch you up on...
Pretty boring really.
My Instagram is @sophgriff23 if you're interested,
Love Sophie xxx


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